“As most renowned makeup artists would say, you can get better results with exceptional brushes and poor makeup than with poor brushes and exceptional makeup. Got confused? Read again. :) Well, I couldn’t agree more. I think before any makeup enthusiast should start collecting high end cosmetic products, they should first start investing in good quality brushes. Personally, my first ever splurge on any makeup-related items was on my very first brush set. It wasn’t much but it really did help a lot in my daily makeup application. I still have that set in my kit right now and I’m glad I invested in decent brushes because it’s something I could keep for years for they don’t expire like makeup.

Investing in good quality brushes don’t necessarily mean you have to buy the most expensive brush set in the market – just get the best your money can afford. Virginia Olsen Minerals’ brushes aren’t exactly as cheap as my first brush set but they’re definitely a great investment – that is, of course, speaking from personal experience.”

Excerpt from http://www.cellinereyes.com/2013/06/review-virginia-olsen-minerals-brushes.html