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5 Reasons You Will Love VO 2014 Collection

The long wait is over! The 2014 collection is finally here in the Philippines! So, what’s exciting about this collection? It’s a healthy mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitters — three different finishes to suit your needs! It’s also now in a bigger container, meaning less spillage. Aside from that, here are 5 reasons why you will love our latest...

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How To Wear Green Eyeshadows During Daytime

How many of you are intimidated with the color green? Undoubtedly, most of you are. But that should not be the case anymore. The eyeshadow color green, when applied correctly, can take you from daytime to nighttime affairs.  Blogger Alyssa Yu shared this makeup look of the day on her blog The Glamourtini wearing Virginia Olsen mineral eyeshadows in Midnight Glam and...

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Sophia Eyelash Enhancer User

One of our Sophia Eyelash Enhancer users shared her testimonial on our product: “My originally non-existent super straight #lashes. Now longer with use of @virginia_olsen Sophia #eyelash enhancer.” Source:

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Virginia Olsen 2013 Collection

“Five new (and super soft!) synthetic makeup brushes and 10 new shades of eyeshadow (6 matte, 4 shimmery). Add these to Virginia Olsen Minerals’ already wide selection of products. They’ve got face makeup (foundations, concealers, blushes, primer, finishing veil), eye products (eyeshadows, eyeliners, eyelash enhancer) and makeup brushes. Visit to view the complete list of VO products These brushes...

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Review: Virginia Olsen Minerals Brushes

“As most renowned makeup artists would say, you can get better results with exceptional brushes and poor makeup than with poor brushes and exceptional makeup. Got confused? Read again. Well, I couldn’t agree more. I think before any makeup enthusiast should start collecting high end cosmetic products, they should first start investing in good quality brushes. Personally, my first ever...

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Makeup Brand Highlight: Virginia Olsen Minerals

“If there’s a certain makeup that you must not miss trying, it’s definitely mineral makeup. As we all know, mineral makeup is on the safer side when it comes to its contents/ingredients. I’ve been using mineral makeup since 2009. There were months that I used purely mineral makeup. I’m glad that I don’t break out from using mineral makeup as...

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Trip to Virginia Olsen Minerals (plus swatches and a huge haul)

“Pinching your cheeks to get that perfect flush of color for your pale skin? Fret no more! Virginia Olsen Minerals blushers has got you covered. Carefully chosen to match the Filipina skin, their gorgeous natural blushes will definitely give you a “lovely silk sheer look with a pop of natural healthy warmth to your complexion.” With Virginia Olsen Minerals Foundation, you can...

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Virginia Olsen New 5 pc Brush Set – Photos & Review

“Again, these brushes are just heaven to touch. They’re so crazy soft to the point that I can’t stop feeling all of them. They’re soft but not flimsy so none of your makeup looks will appear foggy or overly blended. I’ve spot cleaned & deep cleaned them and as mentioned, I did not encounter any shedding, nor did I see a...

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